Will The Raptors Fall in A Cat Trap?

The Charlotte Bobcats started this season looking at the very least respectable compared to the complete embarrassment they were last season. Then they fell off a cliff with a double digit winning streak that finally ended with a win against Chicago of all teams. Regardless of how bad the Bobcats suck the Raptors have always had difficulty with them. The last game it was determined the Refs played a role in aiding the Bobcats to a win. The NBA in a rare move admitted a foul should have been called an Andrea Bargnani shot at the end. That was only one of about 4 or 5 fouls that should have been called in the last 30 seconds of that game. It was for me the worst 30 seconds of officiating I have seen in NBA personally.

That is one game though it does not explain away how the Bobcats have won 7 out 8 against the Raptors in the past 3 seasons so far. That was the bad news if there is some good news for the Raptors the only win came last April at the ACC.

As much as we try to over analyze things in this modern world sometimes the simple truth of one team having another team’s number still exists.  Consider the Bobcats are 50-132 in this time period of domination over the Raptors. There is no real common thread to explain this as both teams have changed coaches and rosters over the last few years.

If there was ever a time the Raptors should be able to shake this it likely is now. The Raptors are playing some of their best basketball of the season recently. The Bobcats have won two of their last four including their surprising win over the Bulls to snap an 18 game losing streak.

Want an odd stat for this one? Don’t let the game go to overtime as the Bobcats are 3-1 in extra time. Cats come in off a loss Wednesday to the Utah Jazz 112-102. Ben Gordon led the team with 20 points off the bench.

This has the makings of a trap game for the Raptors as they will face the Bucks on Sunday a team they ultimately could be chasing for the final playoff spot in the East. The Raptors given the history likely should not be looking ahead to that one at all. If they do it will leave Raptors fans once again wondering how on earth we lost to the Bobkittens again?

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