Nothing New, Despite Some New Bodies.

Really this game had all the elements I would have expected in a loss to the Sixers. Jrue Holiday played well. Andrea Iguodala had steals and slams and Lou Williams hit some big time 3's. Not even the Sixers or a 9 game losing streak can stop the development of Demar DeRozan. Sixers had 7 players in double figures including all 4 players they used off the bench. Raptors had no answer for Marreese Speights and just in general were allowing to many easy buckets in the paint.

As for the new Raptors at least on first glance I predict Trey Johnson will not last for a 2nd contract for 10 days if he plays like that. Just wasn't all that impressed but to be fair probably had a lot on of nerves for this one. He was 1-4 with 3 points and 2 turnovers in about 12 minutes and I was as I said under whelmed with the performance. As for Alexis Ajinca he barely saw the floor but it was long enough to get a dunk,steal, rebound and 2 fouls in under 6 minutes. Honestly hard to evaluate based on that but he does look big out there and like the fact he was not afraid to foul.

I think my greatest concern about this game was more the reaction to it. I live blogged it for The Score mobile and normally our audience is engaged and has tons to say during Raptor games. Last night there was hardly any of that and the result was almost expected by folks. Even myself I found that I personally have become numb to the losing. Raptors have the 2nd longest losing streak in the league at 9 games and Cleveland the only team worse as their losing streak sits at 18.

Raptors really only showed up on defence in 1st Quarter and after that the Sixers busted it wide open with easy transition points (30 fast break points) and easy points in the paint which was 56 points I believe.

Home or Away the Raptors can't seem to win anywhere of late. That was the 4th straight loss at home and it is just a case of a team that lacks the talent to compete night in and night out. The injuries have been costly with No Reggie Evans, Barbosa Klezia and until recently Weems. But still it doesn't take away from the frustration. Once the Sixers made the run to take the lead in the 2nd quarter you never had the impression that Raptors were going to win. It was the right impression as well as the Raptors didn't win losing 107-94 to Philly.

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