Thoughts For A Monday In September

First off apologies for no blog on Friday. I am conserving my energy for the season. Second I failed to mention this last week but we are going to start a weekly chat on Thursdays, for now that will start at 7pm but the time will likely change.

The NFL is perhaps the most hyped up sport there is in pro sports. Watching all of the stuff going down yesterday made me think about things here with Raptors and the NBA in general. Now one of the real shockers of week 1 was the Seattle Seahawks giving a beat down to the 49ers. It was suppose to be the opposite. The Raptors have been picked to finish dead last in the East by ESPN but it is just that a pick. Till we start playing games for real it is an educated guess at best. So just keep that in mind over the next month.

Some other lessons from the NFL week 1? Lebron James was in the house to watch our favourite football team- "America's Team". Dallas Cowboys are a lot of peoples pick to go to the Super Bowl. Not mine by the way even though I am a Cowboy fan. Well the Washington Redskins didn't get the memo and beat the Cowboys who looked anything like a championship team. Miami Heat have been pretty much crowned as Champions by many. That being said you still have to go out and meet expectations.

The last lesson for all teams is you never know what can happen. For that you only need to look at the Eagles game for the example. For the entire off-season Eagles fans and NFL experts have debated how Kevin Kolb will do replacing Donovan McNabb. Well a concussion and it is hello Mike Vick and suddenly the story changes. Injuries do not know who are good teams and who are bad teams. They have no idea who is a starter or who is a bench player. They just happen.

While Leboron James was chilling in a luxury box watching the Skins and Cowboys. Earlier in the day his replacement as the NBA's new hero was putting in work. Kevin Durant and team USA defeated the host Turkey and take home a gold from the world championships. Full marks to Kevin Durant for leading a team that was B or C listers in terms of what the U.S could actually have and still winning. Congrats to Jay Triano as well who was on that staff for team U.S.A. Does anyone doubt if Triano was coaching Canada we would have been better then 0-5?

Believe it or not NBA training camps will start opening up in a couple weeks. It has been one of the most eventful summers in league history and we are about 6 weeks away from the start of another NBA season. So GET READY.

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