All Quiet On Eastern Front

I am happy to report, www.dinonationblog.com has been renewed to 2012. I guess that means, that I will be here for at least that long. Raptors are back to square one again. At this point, are you not just waiting for some story that the Hedo trade will be rescinded. He did have gallbladder surgery after all. But that one is done and he is the Suns problem now. Almost Raptor, Tyson Chandler, is one of many trying to make team U.S.A to head to Turkey, to take on Hedo and the world. While Demar DeRozan is not there, he was named to the 1st team All Vegas Summer League. Maybe someday he will wear the red, white and blue like Bosh and Carter have in the past. You know who won't play for team USA either? Well yeah those 3 guys in Miami, but Amare Stoudemire has been told no by his new team the New York Knicks. When you spent 100 million bucks, guess you have earned the right for your player to play his first game with you. This is a blow to the U.S that was light up front to begin with. If Robin Lopez has a camp invite to be a center, I think you got problems.

Other big names taking a pass on the World's include: Tony Parker, Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitski. Also there will be no Yao Ming and not just at the World's. You might have noticed the Rockets signing of Brad Miller. Well here might be why. Seems Yao is still not right and could miss the first few months of the NBA season. I remember reading this injury could be career threatening. The longer that Yao is away the more real that seems. As for Canada Matt Bonner has a contract but still no citizenship yet. While Maglorie has signed on with the MWO and no doubt will turn his back on his country yet again. I have an idea let's deport Maglorie, and give his citizenship to Matt Bonner. He wants to play for this country.The fact Canada basketball continue to kiss the butt of Jamal Maglorie angers me. The guy has never played for this country and never will. I don't care what he does for the program off the floor. The best help you can give is throwing on the red and white and playing.

Raptors are still holding out hope for Matt Barnes, but unless they uncover some CBA loop hole that we are unaware of... this is done. Other teams actually have money available to offer Barnes a deal that far exceeds the 1.9 million that the Raptors could offer in an Orlando sign and trade. Barnes only has limited "Bird Rights" with Orlando and that is the most Orlando could sign him for to trade him. That is far from the said to be 4.5 million per season for 2 years that was offered. Confused yet? Just think in a year we will have a brand new CBA that we will all have to learn all over again. I look forward to that with about as much anticipation as the looming lockout it may take to create that document.

It is a slow day today, as basketball is heading towards the dog days of summer. By the way are you a fan of Entourage? Seems that Bosh got the idea for his free agency documentary from Turtle. He also apparently got a guest spot on the show. Some thought he was in L.A to watch Lakers to join Kobe. He wasn't, it was to join Vinnie Chase and Ari Gold. Who knew. I hate the way Chris Bosh is being marketed like he was buried away up here in Canada. That no one knew he existed. That is stretching the truth. But Chris is enjoying the spotlight and this is part of what he wanted. I also have to admit that I personally am interested in the Bosh Documentary if it is done right. I am a lot more then I was in "First Ink". Also Bosh likes the NWO/MWO thing. He says he watched wrestling as a kid and liked those guys. I have taken a lot of blows from Chris Bosh. Being un-followed on Twitter, having had him leave the Raptors but this is the last straw. He made me feel old. You Sir, are off the DNB Christmas Card list.

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  1. That's exactly why the media should keep their mouths shut until the signing is official, so this Tyson Chandler/Matt Barnes stuff doesn't happen.