Other Free Agents Not Named Bosh

I think we have all had are fill of Chris Bosh free agency talk haven't we? But just to be clear Bosh did tweet that he isn't saying he wouldn't consider Toronto. Which to also be clear Tracy McGrady said the same thing (That he would consider Toronto) and signed with Orlando at 12:01 am when free agency opened. Also to be clear, I need a personal break from talking about this and writing about it. So let's talk about some other folks and their future.

Let's start with Joe Johnson who is still in the playoffs and was named to the 3rd team ALL NBA. He has performed terrible for the Hawks. In game 7 vs the Bucks and Game 1 vs the Magic he was awful. It makes you wonder about his free agent status in this market. He is thought to be one of those guys on the B level behind Bosh, James and Wade. But really can you consider him that when he fails to perform in the biggest games of the year for his franchise? The Hawks as a team have been a brutal embarrassment and he is suppose to be one of the key players and leaders on this team. Safe to say if people were considering Johnson they may be rethinking that.

Speaking of Wade he had some interesting comments about the comments about Pat Riley. For some reason Riley decided to express that he would not rule out a return to the sidelines. Stan Van Gundy remembers how that works. But he is happy in Orlando thank you very much. Well as happy as Stan can ever be. Wade also remembers as he pointed out that he did win a title with Riley but also had a terrible season under him as well. That terrible season got the Heat a second overall pick that turned out to be Michael Beasley. Not exactly the Robin to Wade's Batman. While most feel that Wade's return to south beach is a lock. Many also feel that Bosh may be a guy to join him or someone will mention in a minute. I am not sold that Wade is a lock to return and think the front runner to have him leave would be Chicago. If Riley decided to force out another coach it may not be a wise move if he wants to have Wade to coach.

The other name you hear a lot in Miami and in New York is Amare Stoudemire. He is the fall back plan for the Knicks in New York. While in Miami the alternative to Bosh. All of this being said he is doing pretty well where he is with the Suns. He has been rumoured to be out the door with the Suns for what seems like forever. If dare I say the Suns made it to the Finals or won it would that change his thinking? Not sure but here is something to consider for both Amare shoppers and him. You know how you have on your car mirror that printing that says "things in this mirror appear larger and closer than they actually appear". Well the NBA should have a warning attached to free agents that play with Steve Nash. Players that play with Steve may not be as good as you think they are. Want some examples? Joe Johnson is the exception but how about Quinton Richardson, Raja Bell, Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw. No doubt Amare is talented but does he benefit from Nash and the system with the Suns? We may have the answer if he actually leaves. But don't look to his Twitter account for answers anymore than CB4's. Stoudemire last off-season posted on Twitter that he had been traded to the Lakers. It was of course totally bogus. But for about an hour he fooled the world. This summer he may fool someone into over paying for him.

Matt Bonner.....He is a free agent too. Why am I mentioning him? Simple answer is Canada. If Bonner can find a landing spot quickly he may be able to play for Canada in the summer. He also might be someone that the Raptors would look at if Bosh were to go. Not to replace him but to add some depth. It is important to remember not only Bosh is a free agent but so is Amir Johnson. If both were to go Toronto suddenly lacks depth at the 4 and 5 spot. The return of the "Red Rocket" would be nice but will not make up for the loss of Bosh. It won't win Raptors a title ether, but at least Bonner could flash his ring and show them what one looks like. However that maybe just a shot in the dark but let's hope he is signed somewhere so he can play for Canada. Not that Matt Bonner is the number 1 target for any team in the NBA.

That only scratches the surface of a huge free agent class that is going to be one of the most star studded ever. This is in part due to the fact that following summer the CBA will be over and a new one will need to be agreed too. All signs point to that not going well for the players side and even talk of a possible work stoppage. That is why everyone wants their money and they want it now. After this next CBA it may not be there for them.

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