Starting 5 from Sac-Town With Paul Jones.

You just never know when you will be able to get a guest for the Starting 5. But the DNB Hotline is always open to all our fine guests. Paul Jones gave us a shout from Sacramento and we got a chance to talk some basketball. Reflecting on what was a great game despite the outcome. Both Paul and I agreed prior to the interview what a fantastic basketball that was last night. We talk about Hedo and if fans are right to be upset with him. We talk about the playoff race and a bunch of topics tied into that. We also talk about Demar getting back on track in L.A. We were going to also talk about Paul experiences in Haiti. But Jonesy had to run to do another interview so we will talk about the topic the next time he drops by. But I have said it on Twitter if I did not mention it in the blog how great it was for Paul to head to Haiti for a day to help out with a number of other folks from MLSE. So that is next time for now we have Basketball Talk and Raptors Playoff drive stretch.

Thanks to Paul for taking time out to talk with us. He has been one of the many folks that has made me feel welcome when I have had access for some games this year. He is a great person and always enjoying seeing him and talking with him. Be it here for Dino Nation Blog, in person, or over the year's as a caller on Hoops that he does with Eric Smith on Thursday's When Raps are in town. Zack Cooper will be holding it down on that show this week and I saw him Sunday getting some good stuff for the show. So here is hoping the Raps can keep up the effort and get a more favourable result.

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