Raptors Rewind- No Win Situation

Leading up to this one I had said it real is a no win situation for the Raptors. If they win tonight by 30 it will be a case of so what. After all the Nets are 2-24 and have lost their last 5 basketball games. If they happen to lose a Raptor fan base on the brink of total meltdown will go mental. It really is a tough spot to be in for the Raptors. However given how things have been of late I don't think they will care. Just get a win over anyone at this point will be a positive. A couple other positives as well. Prior to this game Reggie Evans was seen on the floor taking some shots. We can only hope that means a Reggie return may be coming soon. Also the Raps are busting out the Huskies uniforms and the Huskies are 1-0 this season. Hey when things are not going well I am willing to take any positive I can get. So if you are afraid close your eyes cause this one is about to start. Raptors will try to avoid what for fans would be a Doomsday like scenario with a loss to the Nets.

1st Quarter

Quick basket from Hedo to start things in a very empty ACC. This is odd with no V.C. Jack to Bosh for another score and Raps get a 4-0 jump start. Nets would score but then Hedo would find a cutting Demar Derozan who would throw it down and draw the foul. The Raps would jump out to a 9-2 lead and look very impressive doing it. The good play would continue as Bosh would get to the line and make a couple free throws as he gets closer to becoming the all-time leader in franchise scoring. Raptors were looking good ahead 15-6.

Even Andrea Bargnani was on target hitting a 3 ball and the Raps lead 18-8 and for those who care the silly 3 point streak marches on. Nets were making sloppy turnovers as we are learning just why this team was 0-18 an NBA record for the worst start ever in NBA history. Bargnani with another 3 and Raps were more than doubling the Nets 26-12. A steal and a Sonny Weems throw down would make it 28-12. Derozan had the dime on the dunk and later Sonny would return the favour. It was a dunkathon at the ACC and Amir Johnson would get in on the act as well Raptors were crushing the Nets and having fun for first time in awhile. Raptors had 18 points in the pain part of the 34-12 lead they had built. Can you believe folks were worried about this game(Myself included) it seems it was not necessary...Raptors leading 37-15 with 11 assists on those 37 points. Weems put back and Raptors lead 39-15 after 1.

2nd Quarter

Marcus Banks makes a 3 pointer to make it 42-17 yeah this game is done. He hit another 3 and it is 47-17 this is unreal. This was getting so bad some people were tweeting they felt bad for the Nets. Screw that I say as Hedo hits a shot in the lane and Raptors lead 51-19. Honestly the Nets are just a terrible basketball team and the Raptors were playing at a very HIGH level. It was nice to see the Raptors not worry about what was in front of them and just play hard and not let up.

Raptors got a CB4 put back jam and the lead was 57-26 and we still had just under 4 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. It was the Raptor putting up 60 as Hedo hit a 3 pointer and it was 60-26. The beat down was in full effect and I really don't have much to say about it. Raptors were rolling and took a 70-33 lead at the half. Nets had 16 turnovers at the half leading to 22 of that massive Raptors halftime total.

3rd Quarter

Hedo would hit a 3 to start the second and Demar would swat a Lee shot but it would get ruled goaltending. Don't care though I love the message it sends as Raps lead 73-41. Raptors had actually taken the foot off the gas pedal on the defensive end a bit. But a Bargs slam might get them going again as the lead was back to 30 at 75-45. This was like many nights this season the one difference is the Raptors were handing out the embarrassment for a change.

Raptors really had kind of lost that killer edge in the 3rd quarter but the being said they were still up 83-54. The game as a whole seemed to just be in slow motion for both teams at times. A real summer league feel to the second half for both sides. The Nets have improved and quit the turnovers for the most part but far to late for the them. Jack was looking fantastic tonight and hooked up Amir Johnson with a dunk and Raptors lead 94-60 after 3.

4th Quarter

Sonny Weems had a dunk fans had Pizza and it was 100-62 to we need to say anything else about this one? Banks hits a jumper and the lead was 40.....108-68 this was a throw down a show down hell no I can't slow down....Raps reserves were still keeping up the beat down. About the only down point on the night is Marco Belinelli continued to struggle and this was a night he could have shook off his slump. and even though I give him verbal beatings on him on Twitter. Marcus Banks had double digits points. He hit a 3 as I was typing that and he has 15. The score is 116-95 Raps. The final score would end up 118-95. Amir Johnson was big with 18 points 2 away from his career high of 20 with the Pistons.

I admit watching this was a lot of fun. In the light of day tomorrow I will come to grips with this was just a win over a team the Raptors should beat everyday of the week and twice on Sunday but for now I will enjoy this one. Raptors move up to 12-17 and hopefully the Raptors can carry some of this over to the game vs the Hornets on Sunday. Raptors had 7 players in double figures on the night. I did say at the start of this it was a no win situation for the Raptors but maybe that was unfair. It is clear this team was able to enjoy a win together as a team and maybe that is a win. Will see on Sunday.

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