J.O Injury Update.

This will not be a very long post but there is good news on the Jermaine O'Neal Injury front. It seems that big brace that J.O wears on his knee did it's job. The injury news is fairly good. After some Raptor fans were ready to call off the season. It seems you can get off the bridge and not jump off it. I give you the latest news from D.Smith and E.Smith. Doug of the Toronto Star and Eric of the Fan 590.

Doug Smith on J.O


Eric Smith Also On J.O

So everyone can now breath again. Things look about as good as you can expect after a pretty nasty fall. Sean Williams may not want to go anywhere near J.O the next time the two meet. It would seem unlikely J.O will play tomorrow against Boston. Which is understandable, but also to bad because the way he was playing of late, the Raptors could have used him for sure. So that is the latest. See you folks tomorrow to get ready for Celtics an Raptors.


  1. Come on Dino, Sean would of jumped over JO...

    I'm still not sure if that was intentional or not.

  2. He pulled on the back of his jersey and made it impossible for J.O to keep his base. It was a dirty play. It could have had really bad outcome for the Raptors. If a Raptor pulled down Carter in the same manner I'd say the same thing I really would. I might say something after that but it would be a dirty play

  3. Oh I'm sure you would, Your not an idiot. Though I love the Nets, I keep a strait perspective

    Jersey pulling definitely looks bad. Sean Williams just makes you scratch your head sometimes...