Heat and Raptors Where Are You?

yes here we are just hours from the tip off and where or if we can see the game is up in the air. At this time I think we should all give a big thank you to the folks at Rogers and Bell Globe Media for showing how much they truly care about us. One exec claimed it is only one game and it is not a big deal. I would like to hear that same guy tell us that about a Leaf Game. I think it is safe to say people would gather with pitch forks in protest on both companies. But Raptor Fans have been forced to take it.

So if today's Raptors Rewind is not as good as it always is, please send you complaints to Rogers and Bell Globe Media. In fact maybe I will just forward them to them for you. It really is a pain in the butt. The other question after you figure out how the heck to see this game is if you will see Jose Calderon once you do. That is a question that does not have an answer yet as well. But Doug Smith is suggesting that we could see (Well Maybe) Andrea Bargnani start at the 3 spot. Scott Carefoot who Doug said he wouldn't know if he ran over with a truck, had an interesting thought in Raptor Blog this week. He suggested that maybe it is Bosh that should shift over to play at the 3 spot and put Bargnani at the 4. I admit that is an interesting thought. The thing is that Scott is doubtful Sam Mitchell would do it and there is also the idea of getting you star player to buy into it. Both seem like hard sells. But the point made by Scott is a valid one. Bosh hash more foot speed than Bargnani. In fact to bother Bosh teams in the past have taken small forwards and had them guard him like Richard Jefferson and Rashard Lewis. But one experiment at a time.


Jose Calderon WILL BE ACTIVE BUT Will Solomon Is Starting ACCORDING TO RAPS TV.

( I don't get this one at all, Jose should be in or out )

So Miami enters this game with a 5-4 mark and are 1-3 on the road. Dwyane Wade is back to the old D-Wade that helped the Heat win a title not that long ago. Shawn Marion and Michael Beasley our also big players for this post Shaq version of the Heat. Raptors with Calderon would be a favourite but without him I am not so sure.

But however it happens we will all find out. If all else fails and you are in the dark when 1pm hits. Paul Jones and Eric Smith will have the Radio Call on the Fan 590. Rogers still has that station on the air. I will admit I have not turned on my radio today but I am confident they are still broadcasting. So go old school and listen to the radio if all else fails. Paul and Eric do a good job as well. It is just I think we all would much prefer see the game if we had the choice. A number of places having been saying they are going to find Internet feeds if they do or this game appears on Raps T.V I'll add an update with a link or details on how you can see this game. It is like trying to find the secret location to a bush party. Do kids still have those? Anyway whatever the case I will try to steer you in the right direction. Here is hoping we all get to see this game.

Update 11:38

Well Raps-TV for now is out. But we do have an online link for you. Thanks to a Raptors Forum poster. So give this a shot.

Raps Repulic has the feed.

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